What You NEED to Know About Study Abroad in Australia

I forever knew I wished to review abroad. I’m lucky enough to possess done thus many times currently. learning abroad in Australia was one amongst my best travel experiences so far. the chance to pay a year or maybe a semester in another country – living, learning and exploring is an improbable chance. If you’re a college student considering a year abroad in Australia or elsewhere – I hope my expertises can facilitate to tell and encourage your Australian study abroad experience.


Australia could be a country not like the other. This unimaginable country has it all. lovely oceans, gorgeous mountain ranges, the magic Outback, distinctive flora and fauna, spirited and trendy cities, best universities and a thriving economy. If you’re trying to find associate degree expertise to review abroad and see yourself during a livable  country with and a few of the world’s best beaches on the doorstep, think about the Land Down underneath.


Here area unit a number of words of recommendation from my expertise learning abroad for a year on exchange from the united kingdom, at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australian state.


What you wish to grasp regarding Study Abroad in Australia

  1.    The employment

I would say the employment is slightly under my home Great Britain university, most likely because of the actual fact that associate degree degree is split over four years, whereas European bachelor degrees area unit generally press in to 3. However, this makes such a lot additional sense.  Students area unit less stressed, and might very target the employment that was mirrored in my criterion scores. I’ve forever felt that universities got to drop the main focus on the end result – clearly this can be necessary, however the journey is simply as necessary too. remember the rating system is also totally different which you’ll got to calculate the equivalent grade at your home university to transfer your scores and credits back home.


The topics at my Australian university were set over one semester, not like reception, wherever several topics run throughout the full year that I unlikable. Having to balance eight topics right away, instead of four per semester is simply ludicrous. I found the Australian system to figure higher.


  1. sensible Career expertise

The actual employment and elegance of labor was kind of like my university within the Great Britain, tho’ in Flinders grad school, the assignments had a far additional sensible focus. we tend to even had the possibility to construct a technique for an area Australian company, and mentioned and conferred this to the business owner. This expertise was exceptional, and very place expertise into follow, that i feel universities really want to induce to grips with currently.


International expertise causes you to way more ‘sellable’ within the geographical point, particularly if you’re attending to return abroad to figure, that I fully am. learning and dealing with individuals from totally different cultures is character-building. I currently happy have friends from everywhere the planet.


  1.    Student Accommodation in Australia

I lived on-campus at my Australian University and would advocate this to alternative exchange students because it was an easy and comfy choice. The Deirdre Jordan Village (or DJ Village, as we tend to referred to as it) is, I think, is one amongst the nicest places I’ve ever lived – significantly nicer than comparable university halls of residence accommodation within the Great Britain. It had spacious bedrooms, an enormous front room, pretty kitchens and a balcony commanding the ocean.


There is a pleasant mixture of Australians and international students, and that i found that everybody integrated well. there have been frequent events (movie nights, pub crawls, tea parties), and it had such an excellent community feel. If you’re heading to Flinders University, I totally advocate living here, and it’s simply a five minute walk off from the university.


In addition to having spectacular field accommodation, Australia has top quality non-public accommodation. Rooms area unit straightforward to seek out and area unit well publicised on-line. Sites like Gumtree and Flatmates.com area unit helpful for locating spare rooms in shared homes.


The Money look £200 Challenge – roam woman


  1. the price of learning Abroad in Australia

Set up associate degree Australian checking account on-line before heading over there to avoid vast bank fees. this can be quite straightforward and particularly useful if you’re attending to work. I went with NAB (National Australia Bank) World Health Organization were nice. You established the account on-line before you go, and finalize everything by going into a branch once you’re in Australia. I additionally established associate degree argonon account, as I found that they had one amongst the most effective rates to transfer my cash from the united kingdom.


Australia is dear – there’s no denying.


I spent $170 on accommodation per week, $100 per month for groceries, $30 for an evening out weekly and $100 for books every semester. this can be a fairly rough estimate! Accommodation within the outskirts of Adelaide is absolute to be cheaper than the center of Sydney, thus certify out before you go.


If you’re on exchange from the united kingdom, make sure to seem into applying for a travel grant with Student Finance – I got the price of 2 come back flights to Australia reimbursed (worth £2000+). They additionally refunded the price of my visa application and insurance, that is wonderful if you solicit from me. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’d be more contented occurring exchange in Europe as a result of you’ll get Geert Geerts funding. there’s funding obtainable for college students occurring exchanges outside of Europe.


I additionally got a scholarship for $5000 Endeavour scholarship from the Australian Government, thus make sure to seem up something you would possibly be entitled to. Believe it or not, some places really do wish to allow you free cash to review abroad.


  1. you’ll be able to add Australia as a Student

Australia isn’t low cost. Budget well and take a look at to avoid wasting up before you arrive. However, operating in Australia could be a nice choice. Most student visas enable you to figure twenty hours per week, or regular throughout the university holidays.


Students I met in Australia worked numerous job as bartenders, waitressing, lifeguards at the beach, surf instructors among alternative jobs. Australia ne’er went into recession (lucky buggers) not like most folks, that the job market is powerful. Moreover, the wages in Australia area unit quite spectacular (around $16 per hour minimum), thus operating could be a good way to earn cash. you’ll be able to earn $25+ for bar work/ waitressing, that is unimaginable compared to Great Britain wages. certify you apply for your Tax File variety (TFN) that you’ll got to work. this can be the Australian equivalent of your Social Security/ social insurance variety and it’s straightforward to try to to. you’ll be able to do on-line.


  1.    The Australian individuals Friends

Australia could be a clean, trendy and fairly liberal country, and therefore the normal of living is high. Overall, Australians area unit thought to be friendly, easygoing, outdoor  and swashbuckling. Australians like to travel and reciprocally embrace guests in to Australia that makes it straightforward to create friends. Personally, I found that folks in Australia area unit happy, less stressed, easy-going and sociable.


People area unit trying to possess a decent time – there’s an oversized sports scene, drinking, beach and BBQ culture with Australian rules soccer being a firm favorite. you ought to undoubtedly attempt to catch a game! Australian cities area unit perpetually voted because the most livable  cities within the world with Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney all creating the highest ten in 2018. In many ways Australia is comparable to America and therefore the Great Britain however the Australians very American stateasure} an excellent bunch; they educated me a hell of a great deal regarding work-life balance. there’s nothing to concern from them!


If you finish up at a university in Australia or the other country on associate degree exchange, make sure to travel on some visits with the International Student Society. Often, the international societies organise regular and cheap visits round the country. If you can, live on-campus and attend all the social events! it’ll very assist you kick-start your overseas life.


  1. move in Australia

Make the foremost of your university holidays by move. move in Australia is actually magic – the country has unimaginable mountain ranges, pristine oceans, the glowing Outback and endless beaches.


Having a automobile is helpful however not necessary. conveyance is superb and fairly priced. However, Australia is giant and long distance transport isn’t low cost. dealing a automobile could be a nice choice however dear. think about shopping for a automobile if you’re in Australia for a protracted amount of your time and attending to travel. Sites like Gumtree area unit helpful for locating reasonable used cars.


Australia could be all regarding road visits and having the flexibleness to drive yourself is a nice profit and it’s improbably straightforward to seek out alternative travellers trying to find rides. throughout my time in Australia I drove to Alice Springs & Uluru, to Port Lincoln to dive with nice white sharks, the good Ocean Road between Adelaide and Melbourne, and every one the far the geographical region from Sydney to Cairns!


  1.    A Typical Day as a Student in Australia

I forever knew I wished to review abroad. In my mind I pictured rousing to sun blazing through the window, learning at a contemporary university and defrayment the afternoons having a BBQ on the beach with friends. My life in Australia was precisely that.


Here could be a real example of my day at university in Australia:


Wake up to the screeching rainbow lorikeets. Say farewell to the Phascolarctos cinereus outside your window. Walk to school within the sunshine. Attend lectures. Have lunch on field along with your friends by the lake. Do some add the library. choose a lie the beach at sunset. Have a BBQ and a few beers with friends.


  1.    Australia Isn’t That distant

Australia could be a long distance from, well, just about all over. however currently, with apps like Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and Facebook, it doesn’t got to feel as distant because it may need done even 10 years past. after all you’ll miss family and friends, however you’ll simply build new ones and have adventures whereas abroad. the colleges tend to supply an excellent deal of support to overseas students – golf stroke on recommendation sessions and you’ll forever have some extent of contact at each your home university and abroad.


Bizarrely I found that I spoke to my folks even additional whereas i used to be away than I do whereas I’m reception – and that i solely live 2 hours away! refer to them before you go and build arrangements to stay up-to-date. Phone contracts area unit straightforward to rearrange and comparatively cheap. several contracts embody international minutes thus you’ll be able to decision home for no further value.


  1. Be ready Safe

Get Travel insurance – Health care in Australia will be significantly expensive. Your home university might offer basic cowl and several other countries have a reciprocal health agreement. However, these policies typically don’t cowl everything and services like ambulances area unit privatised. Most study abroad programs need insurance. make sure to induce a policy that covers the activities you’ll well find yourself doing – diving, aquatics and sky diving area unit widespread activities of alternative for travellers to Australia!


You Need a Visa – you wish a visa even to go to Australia as a tourer and you wish one to review too. Applying on-line is quick and simple. My visa arrived at intervals a pair of hours, however certify you are doing it in experience to be safe.


Think Carefully regarding wherever you wish to review – Australia could be a vast country. you would possibly not find yourself in one amongst the bit cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide.


Vegetarian or Vegan? No downside – Australia could be a trendy country. I survived simply as a vegetarian. There area unit several brands giving meat substitutes and the majority restaurants can have an appropriate choice.

Know What you’ll be able to Bring – Australia’s Border management area unit notoriously tight and with smart reason. Australia incorporates a distinctive and numerous set of life, flora and fauna that must be protected. remember of bound stuff you can’t herald together with foods, medications and natural product.

General Safety – Australia could be a comparatively safe country however has its own special set of dangers – and I’m not talking regarding the snakes and spiders (which very aren’t that bad). The oceans will be deadly and beach safety is crucial. The sun isn’t Australia is especially sturdy and Australia has the best rate of carcinoma within the world – take lots of sun cream. remember you cant drink public in several places. If you’re attending to drive, learn the principles of the road, particularly as you have got ne’er driven on the left. Speed cameras area unit all over and make sure to observe out for kangaroos. I nearly hit one!