The Best Universities in Europe for an Oil and Gas Career

Introduction: Our faculty and university history are a few things that a lot of folks grasp to our hearts. all folks can be a bit biased, however this page is an effort to list the best possible faculties for career within the O+G business. Once printed, we have a tendency to expect and appearance forward to feedback. We’d prefer to assume that this page are going to be unbroken recent and updated over the years so anyone finding it will get the foremost correct review of the highest universities.


If you see a slip-up, omission, or maybe if you think that that one in every of the establishments isn’t warrant being on the list – Please allow us to know! you’ll be able to try this within the comments, tho’ our contact page or on social media. while this page has been researched and reviewed, the concept of perfection appeals to America, to stay the data recent and correct.


The best education for oil and gas qualifications

No-one is aware of whether or not the oil and gas business has reached peak provide or demand. It’s not possible to understand whether or not it’ll be a flourishing career alternative for ensuing decade or 2.


Many oil firms, analysts and investment banks predict a healthy future for the business for ensuing 2-30 years. the matter with (any) predictions, is that they typically prove to be wildly inaccurate.

Students United Nations agency area unit presently learning for AN oil career may question their alternative. Students United Nations agency graduated in 2012-13 would have definitely felt higher regarding their call. For the needs of selecting a rewardable career and healthy financial gain for a period of time, it’ll build very little distinction whether or not your temporal order was before, throughout or once a crash.


What’s a lot of vital can be the mechanical phenomenon of the business as an entire. With the advances in AI, artificial intelligence and energy, it’s not possible to predict the mechanical phenomenon of the oil and gas industry…


The same applies to each alternative business too!


A tough decision…

The decision regarding that course to require, or whether or not to travel back for teaching may be a troublesome one. At some purpose, the a lot of recommendation you request, the a lot of confused you’re doubtless to urge. You’ll get to the stage wherever you would like to prevent searching for recommendation, and associate with your instincts. After all, no-one else can study or take the exams for you.


It might appear a touch flaky to counsel that you simply associate with your gut, however this is often counseled solely once you’ve researched totally.


At some purpose, you’ve got to pay attention to it quiet voice in your heart, gut or back of mind, build a call and so own it.


Assuming you’ve determined to review for AN oil and gas connected qualification, what then?

The course you decide on, and therefore the place you study might be hugely vital. notwithstanding the business contracts by five hundredth, there’ll still be employment for people who studied at the foremost acclaimed establishments. there’ll be an area for people who achieved the very best grades.


The acclaimed establishment, and therefore the high grades will be constant thing… as a result of some faculties and universities have already got the most effective lecturers, facilities and track records.


By selecting the correct place to review, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with alternative future business leaders.


In your previous education, you’ll have knowledgeable about the flow state achieved wherever you’ve got a system, equipment, peers and academics that area unit set and committed to excellence. A culture of success helps you to attain a performance level that’s outside your temperature, with results that mirror this!


Your alternative of educational destination might be the distinction between psychological feature dissonance, feeling an absence of direction, then giving up or obtaining a nasty grade…


… Or disbursement the most effective time of your life with folks that carry you thru your career, as you may do for them. You’ll get into the zone of high performance wherever competition may be a fail, and future employers can sense this in you from the primary impression onward.


Here area unit the high picks for European University Oil and Gas courses:

(Deliberately in no explicit order)


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The University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is one in every of the highest oil and gas cities within the world, traditionally due to the shut proximity to the sea oil fields. It’s doubtless that the standing continues into the long run, because of the wealth of talent, data and knowledge of the individuals primarily based there.


The University of Aberdeen is that the solely university in European nation to supply AN undergrad degree in fossil oil Engineering, and additionally general engineering modules. you’ll be able to additionally study the fossil oil Engineering Masters degree. additionally on provide may be a Subsea Engineering Masters Degree, that’s revered within the business as a solid course.


IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN)

(Formerly known as IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole)


France’s IFPEN contains a substantial centre, that is very important for the name and performance of any educational establishment. Universities that analysis heavily tend to be at the leading edge of technological breakthroughs.


Originally the college was referred to as the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP), and contains a long memoir of feat and excellence. Now, in recent years France has adopted a really forward trying approach to the energy combine, and trendy energy. For this reason, the college has expanded  into sectors like energy potency, biofuels, and new energy technologies (NET’s).


As a logical progression of this, the establishment has re-branded as IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN). Now, instead of the IFP being the most umbrella, it’s a specialised grad school inside the IFPEN framework. This makes complete sense as our energy choices round the world expand.


Historically, workers and students here are answerable for variety of business advancements like the Rock-Eval technique to work out the oil potential of stone. Yves Chauvin may be a research worker at IFP United Nations agency was awarded a honor for chemistry in 2005.


Currently, the IFP section particularly is extraordinarily dynamic and sensible in its approach to business. for instance, eightieth of IFP faculty students area unit sponsored and funded by around fifty French and foreign firms. this is often a fantastic action, and means the most effective and brightest of ensuing generation don’t seem to be excluded from human advancement.


Jouanah Ghori, the IFPEN/IFP faculty Communications Officer had this to mention regarding the IFP department:


The IFP faculty provides young engineers with advanced graduate programs resulting in skilled qualifications within the fields of energy and transport. it’s a twin ambition: to supply business with the talents it wants these days and to coach the long run energy transition players. to attain these objectives, it focuses on a high level of business integration and adopts a decisively international approach.


Since the full program at IFPEN is energy connected, we have a tendency to won’t link to explicit courses, however here may be a link to the relevant page to the IFP choice of courses that we’re highlight.


Delft University of Technology

Delft University is that the largest public technical university within the Netherlands. earthenware frequently seems in high international rankings for several sectors of technology. They run a Masters program that mixes fossil oil Engineering with Reservoir earth science.


Other themes lined embrace Geo-Resource Engineering, Geo-Engineering, Applied geology, Geoscience and remote sensing, and Environmental Engineering.

Here’s a link to the section of the earthenware web site that covers a Bachelors Degree in fossil oil Engineering.


Montanuniversität Leoben

The Department of fossil oil Engineering (DPE) at Montanuniversität Leoben is one in every of  Austria’s best educational establishments and is command in high regard within the oil and gas business.


A strong analysis department and a coffee student to school quantitative relation can facilitate make sure that you’ll have the chance to be rubbing shoulders with the correct individuals.


The (DPE) at Montanuniversität Leoben has aligned itself with several vital business partners. These vary from firms, to organisations, and alternative instructional establishments. this suggests that you simply will begin networking years before truly coming into the business. a better likelihood of job opportunities or internships can result from networking.


The University of urban center

The University of urban center is very rated together of the most effective places to review fossil oil engineering in Noreg. Noreg itself may be a robust player within the international oil and gas business. In regard to employees, companies, education, and after all access to variety of wealthy oilfields inside its territory.


The university has around ten.000 students, 100 percent of that have a world background. The University of urban center has robust association inside the oil and gas business, and with the headquarters of twenty six international oil and gas firms within the region. Finding a university that’s heavily concerned within the business will solely provide you with advantages in achieving work later.


The university offers Master’s programmes in English, in an exceedingly big selection of courses, together with fossil oil Engineering, Offshore & Environmental Technology and fossil oil Geoscience Engineering.


The Norwegian Government selected the University of urban center for the hosting of Norway’s new newest fossil oil analysis centre for Improved Oil Recovery. The degree in Offshore Technology is concentrated on industrial plus management, risk management and problems associated with the look of offshore installations for the oil and gas business.


Heriot Watt Institute of fossil oil Engineering

Scotland’s Heriot Watt institute of fossil oil Engineering is well placed to analysis and study opportunities on the united kingdom seabed and frontier basins.


The Heriot Watt Institute of fossil oil Engineering is world noted as a number one coaching and centre. it’s ofttimes won awards like the Queens day of remembrance Prize in 2015. This award was given in recognition of sensible innovation and analysis that has been applied to reality industrial things.


The ongoing list of business sponsors, educational partnerships, and bear firms area unit testament to the sensible achievements being accumulated.


Imperial faculty

Imperial faculty contains a heap going for it normally, the South Kensington, (London) location may be a good place to pay a year or 2. this suggests that the faculty has international attractiveness and has one in every of the foremost various international student background profiles within the world.


This after all suggests that very little if the course that you simply attempt to study is sub par. This definitely isn’t the case, and if you finish up graduating with a Masters Degree in fossil oil Engineering, fossil oil Geoscience from Imperial, you’ll have a really desirable qualification. There’s additionally a chance to review AN Master of Science in Metals and Energy Finance, and therefore the a lot of common undergrad degrees in addition.


As with all of the colleges on our list, a key feature is that the relationship with employers and researchers. this is often crucial within the career adjustment method, in addition because the likelihood of employment straight once you end. during this regard, as a student, you’ll have the chance to attend, or become involved within the Imperial faculty Oil & Gas Forum.


The Imperial faculty Oil and Gas Forum was started in 2014 by Tino Millar, a postgraduate student there. It’s already Europe’s largest event of its kind, in 2015 it attracted three hundred delegates from forty one establishments and firms, consisting of forty seven nationalities.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Norway had to urge a mention during this list of high universities for AN oil and gas career, in fact, we have a tendency to felt that it guaranteed 2 mentions. Norwegian oil and gas employees have an excellent name for discipline, data and a gentle manner.


There area unit solely eight universities in Noreg and NTNU (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet) is that the biggest, and because the name suggests is customized towards scientific discipline, technology and engineering.


NTNU offers some fascinating courses that area unit dedicated to grease and gas like the Oil and Gas Technology Bachelors degree. This course additionally contains a half time expertise primarily based version.


Whilst the university attracts around 100 percent of its students internationally, bear in mind that a lot of of the courses need that you simply speak Norwegian, or a minimum of a Scandinavian natural language. As is that the case with several job postings in primarily based in Noreg and with Norwegian firms normally.


Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, European nation frequently receives praise and accolades. It’s one in every of the foremost trendy and progressive universities within the United Kingdom, and its alumni tend to truthful well once change of integrity the force.


Aberdeen has been one in every of the few major hubs within the international oil and gas landscape. It is sensible that an establishment like Henry Martyn Robert Gordon University is itself world category in regard to is energy, engineering and geoscience departments.


The Oil and Gas Centre is state of the art and homes a DS-6000 drilling machine.


RGU has created a course structure that covers each side of the O+G business. It’s home to the RGU Oil and Gas Institute, a number one materials testing department and a Shell company program.


Technical University of Danmark

The Technical University of Danmark (DTU) has been dedicated to the study of the natural technical sciences. As we know, focus creates excellence all told fields of human endeavor.


DTU runs the Danish organic compound analysis ANd Technology Centre that hosts an annual technology conference, specifically targeting the potential for Danish firms within the sea. The goal is to explore new ways that to maximise the extent of organic compound extraction in what’s a declining field.


After changing into energy independent in 1991, Danmark needs to remain that method. DTU has departments and courses that cowl all aspects of the energy business.


Polytechnic University of urban center (Politecnico di Torino)

The policy selections of the tech University of urban center area unit pragmatic and engaged towards their students obtaining straight to figure once attending. while all faculties pays pretense to the present, there area unit lots of sensible examples that we will purpose to.


One example is that the flagship masters course in fossil oil Engineering is strictly instructed in English. It’s well understood that the oil and gas business is one in every of the foremost international in nature, which students might be limiting future opportunities if they are doing not speak English to a high technical customary.


Another example is that the recent agreement with Gazprom so as to mix forces for each instructional and analysis functions.


Technical University of Kriti

The Technical University of Kriti created it onto our list in the main due to its business connections and fine name. Also, the popular vacation destination of Kriti would be an exquisite place to review, with its natural beauty and wealthy history.


Greece, formally the Greece, or Hellas as known as from precedent days contains a name for domain. however because of the recent monetary problems, would be terribly cheap if you’re taking outing of labor for a masters degree.


Industry connections, sponsors and collaboration partners embrace Schlumberger, Hellenic fossil oil and Geotech.


The University of metropolis

Leeds University contains a fine name inside the united kingdom for manufacturing in demand energy graduates.


Companies like Shell, BP, Apache and Total have traditionally favored graduates of Roger Clarke’s Master of Science courses.


This is continuously the proof, the work inserting success rates upon graduation.


After this first article was printed, David Nicholson reached dead set America. David may be a recently retired 60 minutes Manager United Nations agency has worked in offshore services and seismal for thirty six years.


This is what he had to say:


Our intake of Grads throughout the amount 2005 to merely before my departure date climbed from AN intake of six grads to i feel a few dozen in my last year {and we have a tendency to|and that we} continuously tried to capture metropolis students however we were usually up against the Oil Majors like Shell, BG, Apache and Total. They fished within the same pool – as did CGG and WesternGeco. Competition was fierce for these lads and lasses however we have a tendency to ne’er got a bad’un.



It might be that you simply see a high European course which will facilitate starter motor AN oil and gas career in your home country. With freedom of travel and low airfares we might encourage you to pay a bit time gazing universities in alternative components of Europe. several students take a year dead set go movement. you may see a lot of of the globe outside your own country, ANd study at one in every of the highest establishments for an oil and gas qualification.


By movement to a brand new country, it’ll be a opportunity, and you may have fewer distractions from your previous life. As AN oil government, you may doubtless add totally different countries throughout your career, thus this could even be AN aclimatisation amount. an academic stint in an exceedingly foreign country can assist you indurate some difficult and exciting roles ahead.


Over to you…

This list relies on our opinion and analysis. If you are feeling that somewhere mentioned not warrants inclusion, or that we’ve got incomprehensible  somewhere out, then contact America. We’re quite happy to edit and update this page over time to mirror current info.


We list twelve high faculties for a fossil oil engineering, technology or geoscience course, did we have a tendency to grasp right? ought to there be 15? Or solely 10? we have a tendency to welcome your input. If you are doing plan to comment, attempt to build the reasoning objective not subjective…


In fact, we might prefer to assume that this page are going to be emended repeatedly over the approaching years, as new faculties, faculties and universities step into the spotlight. There’s no reason why each country, and each analysis student can’t have constant chance to forward our business.